Weathered NC Roadside Tanker Blue

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£ 42.99

Weathered NC Slurry Tanker Roadside. Blue. Britains 43201

Weathered NC Slurry Tanker Roadside. Britains 43210. Weathered and dirtied 1:32 scale hand finished dirty and muddy NC Roadside Slurry Tanker. Each Muddyfarm Models tanker is created using a Britains base model. Extensive research of real tankers has been carried out to ensure that our dirtied tankers look as authentic as possible. Every tanker which we produce has been individually crafted using an assortment of techniques, materials and finishes which make our dirtied and muddy tankers really exceptional. Muddyfarm Models weathered and dirtied tankers look realistic - you can even feel the various textures. Our multi - stage processes ensure that each slurry tanker is unique, authentic looking and realistic. Will make a fine addition to your farm toys or farm models collection. This is one of Muddyfarm Models range of weathered farm toys and weathered farm models and will be very much at home on a farm models layout or farm diorama.


Product code : NC09

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